About Dr. Nimi Stephanie Ekere

Dr. Nimi Ekere is a consultant Family Physician, wife and mother. She is a fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Family Physicians. She is a life coach, mentor and teacher, who is very passionate about children and young people walking in the right path to achieve their full potentials.

She is also very passionate about effective and intentional parenting. She is also a well sought – after public speaker.

Dr Nimi Ekere is the founder of the SmileandShine Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organisation for children, aimed at preventing child sexual abuse, providing the needed help and support as well as emergency care and treatment with adequate follow up and rehabilitation for victims( children) of sexual abuse.

She is the author of a collection of books for children and parents all they need to know about child sexual abuse. They include; “Some Parts are Special”, for preschoolers and young children, “Setting Boundaries”, for older children, “Sparkles at Dawn”, for teenagers and young adults and “Into the light”,for Parents and guardians. Visit the book store to purchase and download all or any of these books.